Hustle Castle Hack

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Hustle Castle Hack – An Ultimate Guide

Hustle Castle is one of the popular Role Play games. For playing it, you need to be focused on different types of factor such as – missions, villagers, construction and so on. These activities can be performed with the use of funds, and for gathering currency, you can choose Hustle Castle hack.

All parts or concepts are internally connected. In order to get success, the players need to maintain a balance among all these sectors. If anyone is paying attention to an area, then he/she may face issues in the future.

Key facts to consider

The game is designed by adding a highly simple concept. The most important thing on which you need to be focused on is the dwellers. You can control the dwellers completely and assign different types of duties to them. Mainly the dwellers use as –

  • Cook
  • Alchemist
  • Fighter
  • Treasurer

All these roles are highly beneficial in getting success and perform activities in a perfect manner. Everyone needs to manage the dwellers and assign them duties genteelly. The wrong decisions may become a reason for some negative results.

Basic facts about dwellers

Dwellers are working as the primary characters, and a big part of the gameplay completely depends on these. With it, there is a specific star system working with dwellers for identifying their roles and performance. The levels are –

  • 5 star
  • 4 star
  • 3 star
  • 2 star
  • 1 star

No one is restricted for dividing duties in a particular role or way. You can assign any kind of duty to any dweller without facing any kind of issues. Following are some stats related to these specific characters.

  • Treasurer with 1 star
  • Fighters are available with 2 stars
  • 3-star characters are suitable for Alchemist
  • 5-star ones are assigned as a cook

These details can help you in getting what kind of activities can be easily performed by the characters.

Placement of dwellers

Placement of dwellers is a crucial thing for every player. It should be completed in a perfect way. For getting maximum benefits, you need to assign duties or roles in a wise manner. Upcoming details can help the players in an adequate placement.

  • Barracks are required fighters
  • Dinning is considered for the cook
  • Mana well can be operated by the alchemist
  • Treasury is a perfect place for a treasurer

The importance of fighters is highest. The players need to put efforts by which they can upgrade the level of characters. Upgrading process makes the characters powerful and beneficial in defeating the opponents.

More details about fighters

Fighters are providing strength to the castle and helpful in getting a proper lead. When it comes to assign duties or to choose a fighter, then you need to finalize the decision by choosing a sub-category. Mainly the categories are –

  • Tank
  • Maze
  • Archer

The new players should try to create archer, reviver, healer & tank character first.

Equip armor, weapons & gears

Equipping different types of items to dweller is helpful in increasing the power. The role of a character is also based on the type of gear equipped. For creating the tank character, you need to give a sword. These ones are beneficial in dealing lots of damage to opponents.

Maze characters have some magical powers and powers make the dwellers a reviver or a healer. If you want to deal damage from a short distance, then archers are helpful. For more guidance and tips, the players can choose Hustle Castle Cheats. Everyone needs to finalize the decision only by paying attention to the character's stats and performance.