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Hustle Castle Cheats 2019

Hustle Castle Cheats – Learn how to get unlimited Diamonds

Hustle Castle is an entertaining online game that can be enjoyed on IOS as well as Android gadgets. In this game, you need to spend time in building your castle, training monsters, fighting with enemy monsters, and rescuing the princess. So, get ready for some fun-time!




The premium currency is Diamonds, which can be acquired by spending real cash. If you want to earn limited amount of Diamonds in the game then you can unlock Chests and acquire them or just use the Hustle Castle Cheats. Completing various achievements or quests will also make you earn Diamonds. However, if you want to earn Diamonds in huge amounts instantly then use Hustle Castle Hack.


Equipment play a pivotal role in the game as it can make or break your army. The kind of equipment that you provide to your army force will enhance the stat boosts and traits. So, you should always use the finest equipment available in the game. Moreover, you should equip your army as per their type of character. For instance; Tanks will require high health/armor clothing whereas Ranged Units will prefer high damage clothing. As you are forever going to be in the battlefield, you should even keep some equipment as back-up, in case you need a particular gear to clear the campaign.


There are innumerable types of weapons accessible in the game and the ones that you use will make a lot of difference in the battlefield. For each type of character, you should use a different weapon, which will depend on several aspects. As you keep progressing, you will come across some powerful Legendary Weapons. Acquiring them is not easy in the beginning of the game. You need to rank high in the ticket Arena Tournament and earn a Bonus Chest. When you unlock the Bonus Chest, you will be able to get a Legendary Weapon. Some examples of Legendary Weapons are Deadly Lightning Equipment, Fire of Madness Necklace, Supreme Sovereign Outfit, Sovereign Mace, etc.

How Mating Works?

A woman can get pregnant only once each day and during her pregnancy, she can fight and work as usual. Men can mate with innumerable number of women each day. You should assign the task of mating to your highest Star men so that they produce high-rated characters. There are chances of low Star rating characters to produce high rated characters, but the possibility is low. To produce a 5-star rated character each time, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Select the highest Star character from your team and place him in a living room. His job is to mate several women in a day.
  • You can follow the previous step as soon as you unlock a new living room.
  • Start sending women one by one to the living room; beginning with the highest rated ones. Your objective should be to keep producing babies until the slots for residents get filled up.
  • As soon as the slots for residents are filled, you need to begin with the selection process. Separate the residents on the basis of their Stars. Remove all residents that are below three Stars. Then, remove all men from the castle so that you have only women left that can be sent for mating to the living room.

By following the aforesaid tips, you will notice that the numbers of 5-star characters in your team is increasing steadily.


In the start of the game you will get 2,500 Gold, which is the primary currency. The first room that you should build is the Fighter Training Room by spending 1,000 Gold. Remember that you can skip the building timer so that you construct the room instantly and not wait for ten minutes. The next building that you should construct is the Dining Halls and Treasury by spending Gold.

As you have already completed the amount of Gold that you had in your account, you should concentrate on training your Heroes so that they can fight well in the battlefield and earn Gold for you. Fighting with enemies is one of the quickest ways to earn Gold. In the start, the battles are very easy to win and you can quickly earn 400-500 Gold. The earned Gold can further be used to train and upgrade your heroes.

If you have collected a good amount of Gold, then you should spend it for upgrading your Throne to Level 3. For this upgrade, you will require 10,000 Gold. This will let you unlock more number of Heroes so that you battle easily, and several rooms that can be built for enhancing your resources. The vital rooms that you will unlock at this time are the Living Room and Hospital. New rooms will add up to your castle and make you grow quickly in the game. As mentioned above, the Living Room will be helpful for mating, whereas the Hospital will be useful in restoring the health of your Heroes. The easiest way to get gold is by using Hustle Castle cheats.


When you battle regularly with enemies, you earn Chests as rewards. Chests are filled with several goodies that can be acquired by unlocking them. Some of the items that you will get in a Chest are powerful weapons, strong armor, etc. You should instantly equip your Heroes with powerful weapons so that they fight better in the battlefield. The old gear that the heroes previously had can be used for the workers who are not fighting. These weapons can keep the workers protected and safe at the time when castle raid occurs.

Side Quests:

There are several side quests that you can complete for earning rewards. Innumerable invasions will make their home in previous levels. Whenever you have free time, you can go back to the preceding level to kill these monsters. Defeating the invasions will let you earn additional rewards.

Moreover, you will come across several enemies that will show up randomly throughout the map. Also known as other players’ castles, they have varied levels of difficulty. When you destroy these enemies, you earn good amount of rewards.

To conclude, Hustle Castle is a fun, casual, mobile game. As you are now aware of its vital aspects and that you have an ability to use Hustle Castle Cheats, you will definitely succeed in the game! Have fun!


Hustle Castle Cheats

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  11. If this works, I’d definitely appreciate the help with diamonds. Why? Well, why not? LOLz Because everyone could use more diamonds! :^) And since I’m sharing ut all over the place, I’d hope many people learn of this awesomeness. Thanks!

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